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Resend Form Entries to Dynamics

Let's face it, problems can happen: temporary network issues, expired access tokens, Azure or Dynamics outages, etc.

If a form entry has a Dynamics Entity ID, a "View in Dynamics" link will appear under the entry which a user can click to be taken directly to that record in Dynamics.


This feature can serve as a handy tool for navigating directly to a record in Dynamics from a Gravity Forms entry as well as a troubleshooting tool to verify which records made it to Dynamics and which entries did not.

For form entries that have not made it to Dynamics (i.e. they don't have a Dynamics Entity ID), you'll see a new "Send to Dynamics" link under those entries.


Clicking the "Send to Dynamics" button will instantly reprocess the configured Dynamics CRM feeds for this form entry.

Here's a quick little video showing how to enable the Dynamics Entity ID column, and the new "Send to Dynamics" link under an entry that does not have a Dynamics Entity ID: